Sézane – Bringing Home Parisian Chic Fashion You Can Afford

Sézane is the birthplace of this website.

If the words effortless, chic, feminine, simple, detailed embroidery, precision tailoring, free, and versatile appeal to you, you must visit their store.

They have a physical store in Paris near Grands Boulevards and the rest are online. They don’t follow the conventional retail business model.

It seems the flagship store they divided into what they call “apartment” (showcases clothes, shoes, and interior decor) and “library” (sells handbags) act more as fitting rooms. I got the impression that the brand is set up where their inventory is based somewhere else that caters to their online orders where the majority of their sales occur.

I think you can purchase in the stores as well but you shouldn’t depend on it. I was able to buy my chain leather bag directly from the “library” and I saw tons of women toting Sézane’s shopping bags around.

Sézane’s founder, Morgane Sézalory began as a vintage bargain hunter who sold her finds online. When she set out to design her own line, she claims she wanted to create clothes that were attractive and affordable.

And she has stayed true to that vision. Shoes are about 160€, tops 90€, jeans 95€, and purses 250€. Prices obviously vary but it’s around there. For the quality of design, the prices are very friendly.

Dean Bag, 240€ (I picked up this chain bag)
High Emma Sandals, 155€ (I almost bought these. They’re really pretty and make your legs look long and thin but uncomfortable)
The Mom Jean, 95€




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