I wanted to create a website that would act as my reference book for my ideas on fashion and beauty. I set out to create this page so that I can seriously revaluate and continue to develop my own philosophy about fashion and beauty – one that is accessible and human.

While I have incredible admiration for haute couture, detailed embroidery, intricate fabrics, I often found myself feeling out of place inside luxury designer stores. I also had a difficult time relating to many fashion blogs and Instagram accounts. I could not keep up with their newest clothes, travel diaries, and opulent lifestyles. So I decided to start collecting ideas, moods, images, and colors that captured my values: simplicity, optimism, playfulness, sass, practicality, versatility, and that something which has a quiet yet distinguished presence.

I hope this site becomes a sourcebook for those looking for an alternative kind of beauty. This is where the name of my website comes from: cite from citation and ila, which comes from the last 3 letters of my name. Welcome!